semi-3d artwrok 
These pieces are layered so the final work appears three dimensional.
Each section is painted with acrylic ink.  Made from recycled bristol,
I apply several coatings to each section, then assemble them
with paper "straws" to raise up sections and are further reinforce
the work with paper mache.  While very light
they are quite strong, and do not need a frame
and can even be spot cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

Custom orders welcome!

red dragon  ice dragon  blue asian dragon fantasy wall hanging  cats double dragon dragon turtle
more cats sun lion 1  red asian dragon 2  purple asian dragon purple goat  red coatl alpha
capebuffalo  javert  kalidoscope  retty chipmonk  maple  foxx 
mukian blue dragon thing  sugarskull  underbite unicorn1  witch   

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